Inpatient Pediatric Care Assessment & Optimization

The physicians of PRG have a wealth of clinical and administrative experience in pediatric inpatient care and have been at the forefront of the Pediatric Hospitalist movement

PRG consulting associates have worked for decades in the inpatient pediatric space in all settings, from small community hospitals to large quaternary academic medical centers. Based on the needs and goals of the client, PRG can assess and optimize all aspects of inpatient care which can include admissions processes, coverage & staffing models, co-management guidelines and beyond. PRG can also provide a comprehensive assessment & plan for starting a Pediatric Hospitalist program or recommendations on how to optimize an existing program.

Potential areas for assessment and intervention based on the scope of the engagement:

  • Understand the current process of inpatient coverage, including all elements of a pediatric hospitalist program, to highlight current best practices and recommend opportunities for improvement
  • Assist in the development of a successful and sustainable hospitalist program
  • Strategic planning for the inpatient care or hospitalist model
  • Review internal data in relation to national benchmarks for full-time equivalent (FTE) total hours, clinical hours, number of patients covered, number of admissions/discharges per day, etc…
  • Guidance on hospitalist or inpatient care leadership development
  • Financial review of the hospitalist program with compensation, patient care revenue, non-patient care sources of funding, and hospital investment in the program
  • Evaluate care pathways, care transition processes, and communication streams between inpatient physicians and primary/referring physicians
  • Review how the physicians interface with nursing and other staff within the inpatient care delivery model
  • Explore the role of non-clinical responsibilities for physicians providing inpatient care, some examples include:
    • Education
    • Research
    • Quality & safety
    • Performance improvement
    • Physician Advisor roles