Patient Flow - Throughput

Inefficient patient flow throughout the hospital is not just an operational issue, but also a patient safety and quality issue

Moving patients forward in their plan of care in an efficient manner without delays is beneficial to patients, families, and the hospital. To tackle this chronic issue that exists at almost every hospital, we’ll partner with our data scientists to analyze your severity-adjusted length-of-stay (LOS) data, compare it to pediatric specific expected LOS benchmarks, identify where the opportunities for improvement may be, process map suspected inefficient services in your hospital, and then use all of that information to implement interventions that can work within your hospital’s priorities, processes, and culture.

Potential areas for assessment and intervention

  • Overview of severity-adjusted length-of-stay in comparison to peer data
  • Pre-admission and post-discharge transitions
  • Discharge planning responsibilities and roles
  • Care coordination responsibilities and roles
  • Study turnaround time expectations
  • Avoidable delay tracking
  • Anticipated day of discharge (ADOD) entry and updating
  • Discharge criteria entry and updating
  • Discharge timeliness
  • Discharge barriers
    • Medications, transportation, interpretation, follow-up appointments
  • Discharge readiness tracking
  • Discharge rounds
  • Need for a discharge assistance fund to support timely discharge
  • Use of evidence-based care sets
  • Physician Advisor integration into patient flow
  • Back transfer agreement process and documentation