Amy Sanderson

Amy Sanderson, MD is a pediatric intensivist and has a faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School as an assistant professor in Anaesthesia. She is board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Critical Care and Internal Medicine.

Dr. Sanderson has been the Physician Advisor for the Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) Program at Boston Children’s Hospital since its inception in 2014. She is a resource to physicians regarding coding guidelines and diagnosis terminology in order to improve the accuracy of final code assignment. Dr. Sanderson has led the effort to develop a set of guidelines representing a glossary of underutilized diagnostic terms and has contributed to the creation of numerous CDI tips that are distributed to all prescribers in the hospital. In her role as Physician Advisor, she works collaboratively with various key individuals and departments throughout the hospital including hospital leadership, the health information department and case management.

Dr. Sanderson has presented at several national conferences and has published scholarly articles on a variety of topics including palliative care and documentation. She has been involved with the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) by giving clinical and research webinars, presenting clinical topics at ACDIS’ pediatric networking group meetings, contributing to the book Pediatric CDI: Building Blocks for Success, publishing articles in ACDIS’ CDI Journal and presenting at their national conference. In addition, Dr. Sanderson is a founding member of the Pediatric Documentation Research Collaborative, a research group that focuses on documentation-related issues in pediatric hospitals.